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With 12 Years Experience In Home Renovations, RenoIQ will help you the homeowner make an educated decision when choosing a contractor.
Let our experience work for you.

Home Renovation Consultant


Why Reno IQ

Save Money

Reno IQ saves clients money by avoiding common and costly renovation mistakes from planning, permits and contractor selection to change orders during or at the end of the project. Our average initial consultation cost is .005% of a $25,000 project and can save you thousands of dollars in your renovation.

Understand Your Estimates

Reno IQ compares and breaks down estimates for homeowners to educate them on what each contractor is offering. Sometimes contractors accidentally or intentionally leave items out of the initial estimate which will be added later. This can affect your decision when selecting a contractor and make it impossible to compare contractors accurately.

Find the Right Contractor

It’s difficult to find the right contractor if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Reno IQ has the expertise as a former contractor to provide homeowners with the information they don’t know about renovations and educate them on what to look for in a contractor for their project.


Experience & Knowledge

As a former contractor with over 12 years experience in renovations, I can help you understand how contractors operate and help you ask the right questions during the selection process. I will also help you avoid issues during the renovation by being on your side whenever you need advice or have questions about the project and your contractor.

Get Started Faster

Reno IQ will save you hours of searching online for a contractor. Let us help you understand the type of contractor you need for your project and gain access to Reno IQ’s Referred Contractors if you need another quote to find the right contractor.

Peace of Mind

If you’re already in the middle of your project and feel like your contractor is charging you for additional works that is not necessary or not doing something correctly and not sure who to ask, I can provide a discrete home visit after hours to inspect the work being done and make sure the additional work is justified and being done correctly.

Who we are

Selecting a contractor is very difficult without the right information. RenoIQ will help you ask the right questions and give you the knowledge to make the best decision when selecting a contractor.

RenoIQ can also help you throughout the project if you have any questions or concerns during the renovation process.

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